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Realtors are not only professionals who have a special passion for their field but also business owners who can make money from it. They need recommendations on the value of property and how to buy at the best price. These tips can be useful to anyone wanting to start or expand a property business.

They are useful as real estate agents and conveyors of information, as well as people who gain experience in property marketing, service delivery, client retention, management and development strategies.

Malaysia is one of the big players in Southeast Asia with a huge amount of real estate and a chronic shortage of well-skilled manpower.

In Malaysia, real estate is not viewed as an asset but as a form of production with huge economic impact on the economy. It is seen as insurance policy or hedge against other assets. However, if you want to rent out your home or office it needs great care due to the high cost and long term risks associated with it such as fire, natural disaster, flood etc.

The ability to have larger staff pool enables them to maintain their resources more effectively Reduces costs on rental by reducing staff redundancy Reduces time spent hiring new people Reduces environmental management issues e.g keeping roads clean Lines of sight Easier monitoring over time period & easier process on claims Management system can be easily developed Automated/ robots can be used

If you are new in the Malaysian real estate market, this article is designed to meet your needs. It will provide a comprehensive introduction of real estate in Malaysia with information on where it started, how it developed and how its development can help you gain an advantage over your competition by working smarter – not harder! And finally, how you can make healthier investments. This volume contains 20 pages of useful content designed to help new or intermediate investors, who want to know more about real estate investment within Malaysia. Conclusion will give detailed guidance on investing in real estate within Malaysia as well as financial advice for those who have already invested and are interested about how things work out after committing all their money into the property market in Malaysia.

The internet is notorious for its lack of user-friendly features and functionality. The latest version of the robot can not only answer your questions about real estate, but also help you to understand the concept of real estate quickly. It can also make recommendations for properties that you may be interested in purchasing. It can even map out your ideal property location from a nearby location and show what you would need to do in order to get there such as transit times, traffic etc.

In real estate, the market is moving slowly but not stopping. In 2018, the global real estate market will be worth $2.1 trillion and will continue to grow in 2019 and 2020. But how can your business succeed in this market?

Given the changing times, real estate is in high demand. So most of the companies and individuals are going to invest some amount of money in real estate. But what if you are not too happy with your real estate investment because it doesn’t meet your needs or objectives?

Solution to this problem is to get into a lot more properties than originally planned. This can be done with property management software like REX. There are various ways you can use REX – for instance, it can be used for property marketing, helping you manage the property portfolio and much more.